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Formed out of the ashes of Toxic Federation, Fahran have had their current line-up since March 2012 after setting out under the new name.

They released their self-produced, self-titled debut album after just 6 months together, to great reviews.  Whilst still retaining melodic sensibilities, the band decided that a new name warranted a change of direction, hence a much darker, heavier and far more mature sound.

In the 12 months that the band has been together, Fahran have enjoyed success as the openers toon the debut I AM I tour in October 2012 (ZP ex-Dragonforce’s new melodic rock venture), plus supported UK rock troubadours, Heaven’s Basement in Feb 2013.  In addition to this, the band appeared at BT London Live in London’s Hyde Park as part of the London 2012 celebrations on the band stand stage and will be headlining the Fethiye Festival in Turkey in May 2013.

The band are currently writing songs for their 2nd album and will no doubt be playing as many shows as they can, honing their sound and performance further and beyond their years.

This is a band that has worked for all they have achieved, leaving them with a seasoned gravitas. Fahran continue to forge a sound far greater than the sum of their parts that is redolent of no one and is entirely their own.

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