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Playing: Bloodstock 2013 Saturday 10, Hobgoblin New Blood Stage - Buy Tickets

Dishonour the Crown was formed August 2012 and have achieved in little time what most bands could hope to do in over a year. With a free downloadable 6 Track ep (Gone to the Dogs), Music video, Merchandise and shows booked this band plans on storming the music scene with their brutal concoction of Hardcore/Thrash and Grind.

Formed by Ron D-Guitar (Romeo Must Die) and Tom 'KINGSIZE' Hennessy-Vocals (Kingsize Blues), Dishonour the Crown started off as a small project that was only meant to be a couple of tracks. Tom's every day hate for how our country has been getting worse and Ron's want for aggressive music soon found the idea escalating into something much more than the small project it was supposed to have been. By the end of September 2012 a full line up was in place adding Brad Merry-Drums (Trenchhead) and James Oldman-Bass (Trenchhead), The 6 track ep was recorded and plans to take the band further where in motion. Due to growing commitments Brad had to part ways with the band, but was quickly replaced by Ben Moss who stepped into the position quickly. By November a music video for the ep's title track 'Gone to the Dogs' had been filmed and plans for a 2nd video in early 2013 had been arranged.

In the short space of time Dishonour the Crown have been around they are already making an impact, given time this will be a name that everyone is speaking about.


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