Bloodstock is pleased to offer tailored advertising opportunities throughout the official Bloodstock website, Bloodstock facebook & onsite at the festival.  We are happy to tailor advertising options to suit your company based on time of year, need & exposure required, please see details below:

Website Banners

Skyscraper banner

The Bloodstock website has new SKY SCRAPER banners on the Home page of the website and throughout the main website template that offer the great online exposure to a targeted metal audience. Banners  can  be purchased for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods and run on a optional static sole advertiser or rotation of shared time zones with other businesses.

Standard banners run on many pages of the Bloodstock  website  including  forums, bands line up page, metal 2 the masses page, event information & blog page.  The standard banners are available on a rotation or static sole advertiser option over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Sponsored Zone

Sponsored Zone

There will be the option to advertise your company in one of our sponsored  boxes on the right handside of the Bloodstock website, these boxes are known as the Bloodstock zones and can be purchased on a page by page basis. If you require  larger exposure then the Premium zone is just for you, your business would be displayed throughout all the zones.  Premium and standard zones can be purchased for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods.




Every year we produce a glossy, full colour A5 festival programme. The programmes promote all the bands performing at the festival. They are made available to everyone in attendance FREE OF CHARGE from the festival goers to the bands and their management, sponsors and general media covering the festivals.

We allocate a limited number of pages to promote organisations who wish to raise their profile to an established and ever growing audience of metalheads, this can be to promote your product, service, bands, tours whatever as long as it is in keeping with Metal / rock.

Perimeter Advertising on Festival site

We offer perimeter advertising around the festival site over the weekend of the Bloodstock festival, this can be bespoke in size and length customised to your exact measurements and can have full colour branding giving optimum exposure on the festival weekend, please contact to discuss specific requirements.



All festival goers are issued with a festival wrist band that has to be worn for the duration of the festival. There is room for one company to advertise on all of these.  The wristband is fabric so high quality & can carry full colour sponsor branding, we print approx 12,000 +  The Wristband allows only one EXCLUSIVE sponsor.

Bloodstock Facebook


Bloodstock is now offering a bespoke advertising opportunity of promotion through the Official Bloodstock Facebook, we will officially promote your band, tour, company ( as long as it is relevant & metal related ) to over 80,000 facebook followers on an optional weekly/daily exposure, we can customise per week the amount of shares and promotional messages we send out to the fans.  The Bloodstock facebook is one of the busiest festival fan pages on any social networking site.

If you wish to discuss raising your profile through one of the above opportunities or indeed wish to discuss other ideas you may have then please contact :