The Hobgoblin New Blood stage exists to provide a platform for the next generation of metal talent to reach a wider audience. From Bloodstocks very begining back in 2001 there has been a focus on offering a chance for new comers and self signed artists a platform to build a wider audience profile.

In conjunction with Bloodstocks successful Metal 2 The Masses initiative, the New Blood Stage is a vital part of our long-standing and ongoing commitment to grow metal in the UK from grass roots up.

In 2010 the stage name was changed to better reflect its position as an exceptional opportunity for new and emerging acts to perform in front of Bloodstocks large and growing audience of dedicated metal fans and important music industry figures.

"The Unsigned stage began as far back as the indoor in the Darwin Suite," says Bloodstock founder Paul Raymond Gregory. "Bloodstock's always supported the next generation of bands and to me it was obvious they needed a platform to show their wares. Metal 2 The Masses was the next obvious route to developing that support. This initiative has grown year on year and now gives young musicians greater opportunities."

Bloodstock Unsigned Soundbites

Psykosis at Bloodstock 2014

Psykosis interview 2014

Bloodstock has showcased some astounding young bands over the years - Evil Scarecrow, Bloodshot Dawn, Saturnium, Achren, Shrapnel, Morgue Orgy and many others who have gone on to greater things. Take for instance Huddersfield thrashers Evile who bagged a deal with Earache Records after being spotted on the Unsigned stage in 2006. In 2007 the Bloodstock Unsigned Online competition which allows bands from around the world a chance to perform as the festival was won by Sight Of Emptiness from Costa Rica. Not only did the band travel all the way to England to play a storming set for the Bloodstock faithful, the following year they won Artist Of Greatest International Exposure award in their home country and in 2010 were personally invited to open Megadeth's first ever Costa Rican show.




As Bloodstock grows, so too will the New Blood Stage and with it our determination to secure a bright future for metal in the UK. The next big thing is out there - Bloodstock could be where the World finds out!


If youre in a breaking unsigned band there are a number of options available.. 


Offering UK based bands, not only the chance to play at BOA, The Metal 2 The Masses also offers up a further chance of elevating to the Sophie stage the follwoing year. These M2MTM events are held regionally in the UK and for further details CLICK HERE

Other M2TM incentives are held in other countries but do not offer additional European Festivals in the prize pool - for further details CLICK HERE


As part of its exclusive sponsorship deal, Hobgoblin will be opening up the search on a worldwide basis, through, inviting acts to submit their videos online from January 2015. The platform allows fans to vote for their favourite act for a chance to win exclusive prizes and a slot on the New Bloodstage CLICK HERE


For acts based in the UK, Europe and worldwide wishing to not apply via either of the above options - no worries - you can still submit your CDs and Biographies to the following address.



Please note only successful applications will be replied to and this may take some time.