The METAL 2 THE MASSES is offering venues, promoters and bands the opportunity to be part of the BLOODSTOCK experience and so much more!

We are happy to announce that Amust4music Ltd, along with our favourite ale Hobgoblin, are bringing the biggest initiative possible to track down the best breaking metal bands along with upping the anti on some of the biggest ever prizes up for grabs.

Speed, Thrash, Death, Doom, Folk, Battle, Gothic, Grove, MetalCore, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Nu, Post, Power, Progressive, Sludge, Stoner, Alternative, Extreme, Symphonic, Viking and more!!


The METAL 2 THE MASSES ROADSHOW will again be tearing up and down the country visiting venues, who are running their own campaigns, to find the loudest & most brutal acts the UK has to offer. For a list of venues for 2015 - CLICK HERE !


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Venues up and down mainland UK, along with countries such as Romania, Latvia, Norway and more will be running the METAL 2 THE MASSES in order to seek out the best in self signed and Unsigned.

Could that be your band or a band from your venue?



In essence one band will win a slot from your region and play on the Bloodstock Newblood stage in front of an estimated 2000 metal hungry fans - thats a given!

The truth is over the years Metal 2 The Masses has showcased some incredible rising talent at Bloodstock, that have gone on to tour worldwide (Bloodshot Dawn, Evile), signed to major labels (Saturnian) and so many have simply used the event as a stepping stone to further their own ambitions.

Take the example of bands such as  Evile who started off by gracing the Unsigned stage to go on to support Megadeth on a major UK tour, sign a major recording deal and return to grace the Bloodstock main stage in 2012. Evile are a shining example of British Metal with a great future - Could that be your band from your venue?

Even if bands dont win their respective finals the fact is the entire campaign builds a bands profile, fan base and expertise in performance. But for those who are chosen - Quite simply the opportunity to play Bloodstock in front of thousands and network with the industry is second to none.

Not only this, but should a band from your venue manage to play in 2015 then they also stand the chance of playing Metalcamp (Slovenia) soon will be announcing further competing festivals within Europe.

In Metal terms these stand alongside Bloodstock as the major independent festivals and will again give the overall winning band a major in road to success in the bigger market.


Here is what just some of the bands had to say that entered into Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses competition…

Bull-Riff Stampede (BOA 2013)

"Bloodstock Open Air, its New Blood stage and Metal to the Masses feeding it - This set up is making sure good UK Metal bands have the opportunity to be found. The Bloodstock New Blood stage is now absolutely essential to the continued development of the UK Metal underground.  It is inspiring bands, driving bands harder than ever before and is also fuelling confidence in Metal Clubs and local promoters right across the UK. The New Blood Stage itself is a big part of the Bloodstock Festival for many festival goers and represents one huge part of what the metal scene, from day 1, was always supposed to be about - Finding good music, getting it out and seeing it live on a decent stage with decent sound.

This all plays a big part in setting Bloodstock Festival apart and ABOVE all the other big festivals.“

Incinery (BOA 2012)

"Metal to the masses will forever be a milestone within the world of Incinery. Not only did it allow us to play at Bloodstock 2012, it took us further beyond to play Metaldays 2013.

This has opened doors for us as a band that would have not been possible, and continued support from the M2TM and Bloodstock team has given us and many others the confidence and drive to grow as a band."

 Kremated (BOA 2013)

"Playing the M2TM contest in 2012 helped us a lot, giving us a goal to work towards and get the best we could out of our music. The chance to play Bloodstock festival via the Newblood stage in 2013 has been a great help for Kremated, it raised the bar, encouraging us to do our utmost best and resulted in the biggest and most enjoyable show we have played to date. Interest in our band rocketed after the festival, so I can only assume this was a direct result of us playing there. Thanks to Simon Hall for giving us the opportunity to play."

 Cambion (BOA 2011)

“M2TM has helped so many unsigned bands, us in Cambion were stoked to be given the chance to enter the competition, and then go on to win a slot on the Newblood stage at the best festival in the UK, BLOODSTOCK!  It has opened so many doors for us since playing the Newblood stage, and pushed us in the right direction, Newblood stage gives so many un seen , unsigned bands a chance to be heard, Bloodstock we love you! ”

 Merciless Fail (BOA 2012)

"Playing the Newblood stage has ensured that we've been able to play at a variety of killer venues across the UK.   Since our performance at BOA 2012 we've made regular appearances at venues such as the esteemed Camden Underworld and the intrepid fox as well as having the opportunity to gig with some of British metal's most promising bands. This has come off the back of the exposure we gained from playing the Newblood stage and we are forever grateful for being given the chance to perform here."

The Furious Horde (BOA 2011) 

"For The Furious Horde, the support and opportunities given to us by M2TM, Simon Hall, the Newblood Stage and Bloodstock have been phenomenal; and crucial to the band's development.

It was M2TM 2011 that helped us to believe in ourselves and be the best that we could be, as individuals and as a band.

As a result of playing the Newblood Stage in 2011, we went on to play Metalcamp 2012. From there we were able to play a number of smaller festivals and high-profile gigs. In addition to this our fan base increased drastically, we made many new friends and also strengthened our bond as a band.

In an environment where it is increasingly difficult for unsigned metal acts to 'get out there' to an audience, these bands need a boosted voice to be heard. Bloodstock is that voice!"

Internal Conflict (BOA 2013) 


“The Bloodstock and the Metal 2 the Masses event was an incredible experience for Internal Conflict, and we recommend that every aspiring rock and metal act take part no matter what level they are at. 

For the venues & promoters

By becoming an affiliated partner your venue will be given its own section on the Bloodstock website giving details of the venue, location and as brief (or as detailed) a description of the venue/promotion company as you desire.

The venue itself will be part of the Nationally Advertised Metal 2 the Masses Tour,featuring the venue in publications such as our media partners Metal Hammer and many more besides. Not only this, but our PR team will ensure that the promotion hits as many Online Magazines, E zines and Forums as possible.

Alongside this we ask that you provide a rundown of all dates for the heat and semi finals and these will be fed through our socal media sites, which have massive promotional value.  (100,000+)  (26,000+)

As the Promoter/Venue you run Metal 2 The Masses competitions throughout the year creating continual revenue leading towards a grand final (held at your venue) with a minimum of 5 bands to an all day event if required.

The format of the competition can be done in what ever way you see fit, so long as it works within the terms and conditions and guidelines are pretty straight forward just so long as the bands fall into the categories of hard rock / metal genres - again feel free to consult with myself if unsure.

Venues / Promoters will have full use of the Bloodstock logo on any of your related advertising (These high res images will be sent on confirmation). The venue must respect the Bloodstock Branding and use it appropriately in respect to its own in house advertising and websites relating to Metal 2 The Masses. You will receive all the promoter networking and media support opportunities associated with Bloodstock which will give your venue heightened profile in the industry - including regional and National Radio Promotion, Repeated call outs and anything else our promotions team use to get the message out there.

Each franchise holder will receive 1 pair of Standard Weekend Tickets to Bloodstock Open Air 2015 with access (allocated on arrival) to the Serpents Lair and VIP bar - where industry, fans and bands mingle to soak up the atmosphere and build business and community relationships.

For all details on the METAL 2 THE MASSES initiative and how it can build the profile of your venue alongside presenting the opportunity to bands in your region please feel free to contact. 

Simon Hall
METAL 2 THE MASSES co-ordinator
Office: (0)24 7659 7652
Mobile: (0)7973 699014
Skype: beholderuk


Get onboard early and don't miss your chance !