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Playing: Bloodstock 2012 Friday 10, Sophie Lancaster Stage - Buy Tickets

When the guitars scream, the bass rumbles, the drums thundering and the sirens cry, then the APOCALYPSE has come! The Melodic-Metal group from Switzerland GONOREAS unleash, an acoustic firestorm that will burn all the way down the auditory canal.

The band was founded in 1994, but had to fight their way through the „dark century“ of Metal. Not only because melodic metal with double-bass driven drums was pretty much dead at that time, but also because the band had to go through various line-up changes.

In 2001 GONOREAS re-emerged and released their EP SOULS CRY-OUT. About a year later the original vocalist Gilberto Melèndez re-joined the band was massivley contributing to the success of OUTBREAK (2003) and PLEAD NOT GUILTY (2007) in the underground scene. The first gigs in foreign countrys followed and in their homeland GONOREAS the venues are always sold-out.

And so APOCALYPSE is destined to be the next step in the ladder of success. Recorded at the Little Creek Studios and produced by V.O. Pulver (Destruction, Pro-Pain), the new long player can easily compete on the european market. Anyone who hears songs like the crushing opener „Devil`s Eyes“, the fast „Revenge for Blood“ or the catchy „Chasing the Dragon“ certainly won`t disagree. So get on the horse and ride toward the apocalypse

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